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Component Sets

On-demand fabrication with variable finishes

Mod | 1

The MBDTV MOD| 1 is an affordable and easily upgradeable answer. It features a modern design with backlit printed panels that can be changed out for special events such as elections or a new graphic look without the fuss of changing the set. This is a small-to-mid-market solution that can be assembled on site in a single day.

Mod | 2

The MBDTV MOD | 2 is a mid-to-larger market solution. As with the MOD | 1, this component solution provides a scalable solution for difficult layouts. The set is offfered in a variety of pre-designed, reversible modules, and you select the  the finishes. The MOD | 2 assembles in two to three days.

MOD | 2

MOD | 2