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About Us

about_spl3Modular Broadcast Design is an award-winning designer and crafter of innovative TV news, sports, and entertainment sets and components. Please contact us for your scenic design needs. We respect and stretch tight budgets, and we are prepared to work anywhere in the world.

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MBDTV Capabilities Presentation

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Design Approach

about_spl2Our philosophy is to design from the single, two and transition shots out. This technique puts the initial design attention on what you shoot the most, the anchors, which, style-wise, characterizes the overall approach to the set. We use AutoCAD and build the set in real-time 3D, allowing us to prove all shots prior to construction. This ensures that our shot blocking frames the talent in a complimentary fashion, avoiding distracting elements such as horizontal lines going through an anchor’s head (commonly known as the “Steve Martin Effect”).

Maximum Shot Options and Flexibility

WPVI_cityNOONOur goal is to give you the most shots possible from the set. During this process we look for as many shot options to increase flexibility between broadcasts. After the shot blocking is worked out and the 3D wire frames are approved we begin to render the set; ensuring that care is taken when appointing finishes. This is one of the most critical elements because, as you know, these shots must frame the talent well, and enhance skin tones while not distracting the viewer from the information being delivered. The additional shots are then designed to carry the look as well as work technically within the studio situation.

We Have Three Goals

  1. about_spl1To create a professional, dignified and modern environment, that is reflected from your talent and support personnel.
  2. To provide an image and identity boost unlike others in your market
  3. To provide your viewers with an environment they identify with and want to return to on a daily basis.

Representative Clients

  • about_spl4U.S. Army – Ft. Riley
  • KARE 11 – Minneapolis, MN
  • KATC – Lafayette, LA
  • KIVI – Boise, ID
  • KSNF – Joplin, MO
  • KTAL – Shreveport, LA
  • KXAN – Austin, TX
  • KXAS – Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
  • KXTV – Sacramento, CA
  • WBRE – Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • WCIA – Champaign, IL
  • WJLA – Washington, DC
  • KHOU – Houston, TX
  • KBTV – Beaumont, TX
  • KOTV – Tulsa, OK
  • KREM – Spokane, WA
  • KTAB – Abilene, TX
  • WHAS – Louisville, KY
  • WIBW – Topeka, KS
  • Northwest Airlines

Representative Sets Designed by
Creative Director Marco Angulo

  • WPVI_wide2Extra
  • Geraldo
  • Goodnews
  • KCBS
  • KEYE
  • KHQ
  • KMOL
  • KPTV
  • KSTW
  • KTCA
  • KTHV
  • KTNV
  • KTVX
  • KVIA
  • KVII
  • Prime Ticket Sports
  • RTL
  • VH1
  • WBBM
  • WCCO
  • WSBT
  • WTMJ
  • WTSP
  • WWMT